Any way to see which documents are not synced between desktop and DT to Go?

I have collected a lot of bookmarks on my iPhone/iPad using DT to Go over the past year, only to discover that they weren’t syncing properly to my main databases on my MacBook Pro (via iCloud). After spending a few weeks trying to disentangle the mess, it looks like my best option is to delete the iCloud databases and set up synchronisation again.

Only trouble is, I don’t want to lose all of my bookmarks. A possible solution would be to check which documents haven’t synced over to desktop, and then manually import them. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, no there is no way to accomplish this without manual visually checking.

In the end I managed to get my synchronisation back in order. With that said, it would be quite useful to be able to see on which device something was created (and maybe sort/filter on that criteria).

The request is noted but Development would have to assess the feasibility of that.