Any way to set up automated, scheduled Exports for databases


Is there a way to regularly schedule an Export of all files / folders within all DT databases to an external drive or disk image? I’m just trying to figure out a way to create an an extra precautionary measure for my files by creating another back up option other than creating a back up DT database. Maybe there’s a way to create an automated script for scheduled Exports for DT databases? (It would be great to also have this automated, scheduled Export function do incremental back up as well.) Would appreciate any suggestions…


Lots of options (all external to DT):

Backup (Mac)

Look on MacUpdate and elsewhere for “backup”. Check out these DT forums…lots of folks have done what your want to do and have shared their experiences.

Thanks. I know about other back up app’s, but am actually seeking something else. Instead of simply backing up the DT databases, I’m trying to figure out a way to automatically back up the contents of the individual DT databases – perhaps by automatically exporting the files / folder from the databases through a scheduled (maybe even incremental back up) function. The point is to figure out how to back up the contents of the DT databases w/o being dependent on the databases themselves (should they become corrupted, or DT fails for whatever reason, so that I’d still have access to the raw contents – i.e., the files and folder – if all else fails). Maybe there’s a script that one could create for this purpose?

And ideas?


Anyone have any ideas / suggestions…?