Any where we can search in the capture window?

hi all

I keep finding my self really craving the option to quick search or filter the DT groups list when I capture with DT via the sorter or the safari plugin:

I am forced always to move the file to inbox and then come back to it later (which I always forget for days :D)

In DT itself the move and jump GUI has a cool quick filter option:

is that in anyway possible to do the same in the sorter? and if not what the proper way to add a request for this @BLUEFROG :slight_smile:

thx guys


What I do when the pull-down is in the state you show, is to simply type in the name of the group I know is there. In your example screen shot, try entering “Apple TV” while the pull-down is present. What happens?

thx @rmschne

nothing happens :slight_smile: I do mean the safari capture menu (or sorter) and not the dialogs within DT, does the typing work for you in safari capture menu (or sorter) ?



You just made the request :slight_smile:
No promises but it’s noted.

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haha cool, will wait patiently :smiley:



Oops. Missed that you said that. Yes, for me “Clip to DEVONthink” does this, but sorter doesn’t. (I don’t use sorter very much).

+1 for request