Anyone else having a few issues with the Workspaces feature in DT3?

Hello all,

I removed some of the Workspaces no longer being used, that were carried over from DTPO2.
I then created two new Workspaces, of PDFs opened from within DT3 (having now removed DTPO2 from my system).

One of two things are happening:

1.) I am either presented with an option to “update” the 1st of those two workspaces that I created anew. In other words, the option presented is “Update [workspace 1]”, but whilst I am, in effect, ‘viewing’ [Workspace 2]…
By this I mean, after setting up [Workspace 1], I then closed DT3 – after individually closing all the PDFs associated with [Workspace 1], and opened a ‘new’ batch of PDFs – which I then saved as a new ‘view’ under [Workspace 2]. Thus, despite me ‘being in/viewing’ [Workspace 2], I am only presented the option of updating [Workspace 1].

2.) Closing DT3 again, now sees the ‘Update’ option greyed out completely, this despite my opening a further PDF, that I would like to ‘add’ to the view of [Workspace 2]…

I hope the above makes sense.
Anyone else seeing some quirkiness in Workspaces?


Ok. Re-opening [Workspace 2], and then opening the further PDF, allowed me to ‘update’ [Workspace 2], as expected. So maybe it’s not acting up. Will keep an eye on things, and pop something up if it acts a bit unexpectedly again. (Assuming that my understanding of its ‘unexpected behaviour’ is in fact, correct!.. )

Not seeing anything odd here. Definitely let us know if you see something reproducible.

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