Anything to uninstall before migration from PowerPC to Intel

I first started using DTPO in May of '08. When I started I seem to recall something installed for archiving mail, which I haven’t used. I’m wondering if there is anything that was installed that I should remove/uninstall before migrating from my PowerPC to Intel Core 2 Duo.

Also should I uninstall scripts that were installed? It would be very helpful to know where the above items reside.

I know that the migration feature of the Mac OS gets high marks, but I personally would be very wary of migrating everything from 10.5 on a PPC to 10.6 on Intel. I’d much rather do a clean install and copy my data over, as I could have years of old, outdated, and no longer needed junk and PPC-specific code that would not be needed on a new machine. To answer your question about the DTPO Mail plug-in, it can be found at ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/DEVONMailConduit.mailbundle. Just make sure that Mail is not running when you delete it.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the advice and for the mail bundle location. I did delete that without Mail being on.

I think there might be something else as well. Ever since I Installed DevonThink and tried out the email archiving feature, whenever I start up mail for just a second it shows a different column arrangement (more columns). I think there is still more DT code somewhere doing that. Any other plugins, scripts, etc involved with DT that might account for that behavior?

There is nothing else installed in Mail by DTPO that loads at Mail startup. There are some scripts installed that appear in the Scripts menu, but none of them auto run. Was there anything else in the ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/ folder? Some other plug-ins, such as MailTags, add additional columns to display MailTags data.