Anyway to auto sync DTtoGo and can it connect to Webdav?

I’ve been trialling DT for a while now. I want to replace Evernote.

Just purchased Devonthink To Go to try that.

There are a few issues I have with it and wonder if there are solutions, or do I file a feature request…

  1. There are a few clicks to sync. I expected it to just sync when I hit the sync button, not ask me what computer, and then what libraries. I would have thought seen as I set these up in settings thats what I will choose.

  2. Anyway to automate the sync? Like Evernote? I make a change, and then I want to sync it if a sync destination is available. It will be a real pain to first remember I have to sync when I arrive in the office/home on my wifi, after I make notes out and about, then go through the 3 step process. Ideally when I come into a WIFI network with a source it should sync automatically like Evernote, or at least when I open the app.

  3. Which leads me to the last question… can it not sync with Webdav? I thought it would so was quite disappointed when I could not find this feature. If we could sync with Webdav, then sort out the above 2 options, it would work as Evernote does. I can create and edit notes, and have the app. sync automatically with my Webdav database.

I really want to move from Evernote, but there are just a few basic things you would expect like above that do not exist yet. If they are on the roadmap then great!


Alas, no to all of your questions. I think they mentioned their intention to make a better sync like Evernote, but they are working on the desktop sync engine first. The technology of that will apparently be used on DTTG.

I find DTTG of very limited use these days, as you say, I often go out and find I hadn’t synced something when I was at home. I am currently using Evernote for more things except larger and more predictably available documents.

I’d be really interested in a DevonTech update on this. Is an automatic syncing service between DTTG and DT still on the to-do list? Is it going to be feasible? And if so, is it going to be feasible in 2013?

Devonthink’s value as a desktop app is these days heavily offset by its lack of sophistication on iOS, which makes up half my computing life. If the answer to any of the above is ‘no’ I think I’ll move to Dropbox and hope that world-class syncing makes it through someday.

We have already begun to rewrite DEVONthink To Go completely from scratch. Version 2.0 will use the same new sync mechanism that we use between Macs now. As we are rewriting every aspect of the app it is not fully functional yet. It will be a free update for existing users.

I cannot yet tell anything about a possible release date as there are always unforeseen delays in development. But I will post about on my blog as soon as we begin to look for a group of beta testers.

Thanks, Eric. That it’s still alive and being worked on is all I need to know.


Is the idea that DTTG will be able to browse the entire sync database? Or can we still only sync portions?

The ubiquitous nature of Evernote is what makes it so appealing and I really want my DT system to be like that.

I will also appreciate the option to sync through a WebDAV folder as well as reading the full database from that folder.