Anyway to bookmark Devonthinks location by typing or using fuzzy search?


My collection of Devonthink bookmarks are getting very large. My need to organize via folders has grown substantially. It used to take a few seconds to bookmark a page but now it takes much longer.

Is there a way to bookmark a page, then choose the location using my keyboard instead of the mouse to manually click where the bookmark should go?

Many modern programs are using fuzzy search as well as a textbox to type when searching folders, so I guess this is a feature request to allow such implementation.

Currently my workflow consists me of using a hotkey CTRL+B globally, to bring up devonthinks Bookmark popup. I then have to click on the ‘Location’ and choose which folder the page should be bookmarked to. Its usually one of the Inboxes. Sometimes I do not wish for it to goto the inbox so I choose its respective folder.
For instance, I find a page on Welding Pipes to be interesting, so I would CTRL+B, a devonthink popup occurs, I then choose the Plumbing Folder and click “Add” and its all good. But my folders have grown to very large now, passing the 200 folder mark and folders nested inside those. I sometimes have to scroll for a minute to search for it. It would be amazing to be able to search and type “Plumbing” and see a fuzzy match of folders so I can type and place it right in there. I did not see such implementation yet so if there is one already, I apologize.

This is planned for future releases. In the meantime one workaround might be to use smart rules to file the bookmarks (see e.g. Proper syntax for using @Destination in DT 3.62?)