Anyway to prepopulate capturing Rich Text using sorter?

Hello guys,

I just started getting into DevonThink and I think its a really great tool for gathering info and bookmarks. I trialed the previous versions but couldnt really deal with it not working with Chrome so I used several other programs. I just recently found out it does work with Chrome now so here I am.

I still have a lot to learn about this program.

There is one part that I wish I knew how to do. That is the sorter. It doesnt seem to prepopulate anything but the selected text.

I have setup a hotkey and when I select text to save it, it fills the comments but does not populate the URL or the title. Is there anyway it can? I would like for it to work just like Capture Content from Chrome where it populates the title, url. Only way Ive been doing this is copy pasting the url after capturing but it seems unproductive and waste of time. Thanks

We will look to add this in a future update