Anyway to show full filename in icon view

I use icon view common for exploring the files. I found when I keep the icon of each file small, it can only show a very short filename. However, many of my files have long names, so I wonder if there is a way to show the full filenames without “…”. It seems like devonthink can only show one row in the icon view, which is different from finder and many apps. Also, Is there a way to hide the “(number of files in the group)” of the group name? It turns out to be not very useful to me and possibly not very useful to a lot of people.

This can be disabled in Preferences > General > Appearance. However, multiple lines for the filename aren’t supported currently.

Thank you, and I really wish multiple lines for filename could be supported in the future since I think a proper icon view did a good job in showing previews without taking up a lot space.