App must be in foreground?

I just want to make sure I understand how the mobile sync works and I’m not seeing this in the manual…

I’ve created a Dropbox sync store using DTPO and allowed my database to be uploaded. Now I’ve installed DTTG and am trying to sync that store to my iPad. It seems like every time I start the sync then turn my back on it, it stops. It looks like the sync stops when either the iPad screen goes to sleep or I switch applications. I’ve tried looking for a background app refresh setting, but DTTG isn’t even showing up on the list (in Settings). Now I’m babysitting the iPad and tapping the screen every 30 seconds or so to keep it awake and the progress seems to be moving along. Is that a correct interpretation of how it works?

I very much hope, that this is not true or can be changed.

iOS kills ALL apps after three minutes of background time. Background refresh only allows a few SECONDS of computing time. So, yes, for a full sync DEVONthink To Go needs to stay in the foreground, like al iOS apps. For subsequent syncs it can do them in the background as they will be shorter than three minutes.

Gotcha. Thanks, Eric.