App/Script for Displaying in Menu Bar Currently Open Databas

I am wondering if there are any widgets, apps, scripts ect. that will allow one to display the name of the currently open database in the menu bar?

I already have quicksilver set to quickly open my various database with a keyboard shortcut now if I could have that displayed either in the dashboard or in the system menu bar that would be ideal :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance

Any developers out there that want to create a simple widget?


Widgets can be neat toys, but people who have a bunch of them running might be amazed at the level of resources they can burn up. I’ve seen cases where a fast Mac had been reduced to a crawl – both in processing and network speed – because of a set of Widgets (some are badly written or thought out). Deactivating them returned the computer to good performance.

Apps that modify the global menu bar can cause problems if poorly coded. I do use one that seems to be well thought out, but I’m cautious about some others, which have indeed caused a variety of problems. I’ve seen discussions about Leopard noting that Apple may be leaning towards restricting some currently used approaches to changing OS behavior, especially input managers.

That said, I suspect that DT Pro 2.0 will provide a means of displaying the open databases to allow quick switching between them, as well as a list of currently closed databases.

Currently, the ‘Open Recent’ item under File displays a list of recently used databases. As that’s a DT Pro menu item, perhaps it can also be accessible to a keyboard shortcut app (the name of the currently open database appears at the top of the ‘Open Recent’ list).

In addition, the name of the currently open database appears on open windows, or can be seen by clicking and holding the app’s Dock icon.

Okay thanks for the info

“Name of the currently open database”

Heck, I’d settle for the hierarchical location of the currently selected item!

There ought to be a way to display that, but I sure as heck haven’t found it. Contributes to my feeling “lost” within my DTP database…

Yea I can’t even find a way in quicksilver, for example show large type of the currently open database, if someone else can make this happen please do

Select a document. Control-click on it. Select any one of these options: Move To, Duplicate To or Replicate To. Look at the top of the pane. There’s the complete hierarchical location of the document.

That’s a neat trick! Now, if control-clicking were more responsive, it would be a lot more useful. But thanks!

(Humble suggestion to Annard & co: could you cache the control-click menu and other pull-down menus in RAM so they don’t have to be paged from disk? They can’t take much space!)