Appeal to the Collective Brain—Mapping

This has nothing to do with any DEVONtechnolgies software so please forgive me if this post is not acceptable but I do not know where else to ask and the “collective brain” of the folk in these fora is a marvellous thing! I have a long list of places where people have lived that I want to mark on a map of the UK so I can identify clusters and connections and wonder if anyone here can recommend a suitable Mac application that will allow me to take the Text list and have it place-mark a map so I can see all the places marked? The places are town names not postcodes. I have searched for such an application but not been able to come up with anything. Thanks for any suggestions.

You’ll want to look for tools that support geotagging text. Basically add latitude/longitude attributes for your place names. If I was doing this, I’d just create a sheet in Excel or Numbers, lookup the coordinates of the place names, put them in the sheet and filter the data, etc.

Looking up coordinates is easy – ask Google “coordinates Tamworth” and you get

Might also be a nice little project to make a database in Airtable.

Aha – forgot about this option. This is a perfect project for Tableau’s public version – you can make your database in Excel, get the coordinates, then use Tableau to link to that spreadsheet and portray your data on a map.

You have to remember that Tableau Public is just that – your visualizations are public. All you have to be careful is to avoid any identifiers that would let someone figure out what your map means and you’re good to go.

Thanks korm, thus looks like just what I need. Cheers :smiley: