Appearance Problem in Quick add notes

After update to 3.7.2 version, I encounter a serious problem in adding quick note panel. When my system in light mode, the window is in black background and black text, it’s awful.

Here is the screenshot.

Question is, how to fix it.

My system version is macOS 11.4

I’ve had exactly the same problem - shared on different thread. I’ve not found any permanent fix - quite and reopen normally fixes it.

Welcome @gawainx

  • Is this after switching from dark to light mode?
    • If so, is the System Preferences > General > Appearance set to Auto?

I have the same issue. It happens when you start DT when in dark mode. If you switch back to light mode the background for the Quick note stays black. Restarting DT fixes it.

It does not matter if dark mode was switched on automatically of manually.

Are you on macOS Big Sur as well?

Yes, latest updates for both Big Sur and DT

Had the macOS appearance setting changed from Dark to Light, manually or via the automatic setting?

I try your idea it solves my problem too. After system switch from dark to light, problem happens. restart DEVONthink and quick note panel is back to bormal.

I’m permanently on light mode, but regularly get this issue. Is there any resolution?

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No resolution at this time and it’s not an issue for which we’d issue a hotfix release. If we can consistently reproduce it, a fix would likely be in the next release.

Are you also running macOS 11.4?

Hi Jim, yes 11.4. I’m not sure why you can’t reproduce it - there have been several reports?

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