Append Rich Note


I’ve read the online documentation but am having trouble wrapping my head around the “append rich note” service.

When you have a moment, could you explain it how it works?



“Append rich note” works to append text at the end of the recently captured document using the " Take Rich Note" Service. This would be used, for example, to capture as a single document a sequential series of pages, perhaps a 2 or 3-part article on the Web.


Ok. That makes perfect sense.

Now, is there an easier way to import a multi-page web document?



Depends on the site.

Some sites offer the option to reload as a single-page document.

Other, e.g., Technology Review, The New York Times, offer an option to capture in printer-friendly format.


Thanks for the demo.

If you have a moment, I have a few questions:

  1. I tried my hand at creating an imput template, but I’m getting some weird empty cell problems. The problem is purely aesthetic but nonetheless annoying.
  2. Is there some way to automate the collection of all the files with a specific phrase or word in them? Would a smart folder do this?