Append selection to document

I would like to be able to select text (and/or images) in Safari or some other app and then launch a script to have the selection appended to a DevonThink document. Ideally, I would be able to select the target document via a popup window, in the manner of the “Clip to DevonNote” bookmarklet. If this is impossible, the selection could instead be appended to the currently selected DevonThink document.

Is this feasible on DevonThink? Does a solution perhaps exist already?

Thank you.

There is a partial solution (DTPO). If you have the DT services installed, you will have the Take Rich Note / Take Plain Note services, and the Append Rich Note / Append Plain Note services available in Safari or other service-compliant app. (How you activate the services varies between 10.5 and 10.6.) The “Append” services add the current selection to the most recently created RTF or TXT document in the import location you have specified in DT preferences.

This isn’t all you want, but will get you started and at least collect the snippets into one document from which you can copy/paste to their final destination.

Thank you, korm, for the response. May I suggest, in the manner of a feature request to the DevonThink developers, a more elegant and functional solution: Allow the user to place documents, as well as folders, in the Sorter drop zones. Then, whenever data is dropped into such a zone, the data will be appended to the corresponding document.