Apple Mail & DT3

The DT Mailbundle is present in Mail and appears to be operative and both DT3 and Mail are running. However, after selecting a message in Apple Mail, the “Add to DT3” menu command in Mail does not appear to work since nothing appears anywhere in DT3 - presumably the selected message should appear in the DT3 Inbox.

Anyone any idea where the problem might be? I suspect the Mail menu command should trigger a script somewhere but isn’t doing so.

DT: 3.7.2 Apple Mail: 13.4 (3608. MacOS: 10.15.7

Always check DEVONthink’s Window > Log first.
Is anything reported there?

Nothing at all. Totally blank…

I’ve also checked in System prefs → Security/Privacy, and DT3 has full disk access.

Which edition of DEVONthink 3 do you use?

I’m using the following:

Devon Think Standard: 3.7.2

Apple Mail: 13.4 (3608.

MacOS: 10.15.7 (Catalina)

FWIW I can drag/drop mail messages into the DT group with no apparent problem. It’s only when I attempt to use the menu command that it fails. Like I said, I get the impression there’s a script missing somewhere.

Only the Pro and Server editions support email archiving and this plug-in.

OK thanks. Might have been a good idea to omit it from the menu in the Standard edition.

Just one point before I close this thread…

Whilst an upgrade to DTPro will allow use of the menu command for clipping mail messages to DT3, does it also allow the import of whole mail databases?

EG: export .mbox format from Apple Mail and then import to DT3

My main need is to clip those mail messages that are relevant to a particular project, so fairly minimal in practice.

That’s supported by the higher editions. Just remove your license and you can test this again on your own.