Apple Mail Import of Mail Message by Drag and Drop into DT3beta

I am trying to import one mail message from apple mail to DT3beta1 (by drag and drop). However in the protocol window I get the error message “Import von 1 Nachricht fehlgeschlagen”.

I have activated full disk access for DT3 in macos>preferences>security
I have activated the DT mailbundle in Apple Mail > Preferences > Plug ins
I have installed the applemail plugin (Zusatzmodel in Dt3 from the welcome screen)

(Import/archiving mails directly from Devonthink Import View, or Sending mails to devonthink by Apple Mail Menu work without problem. Just drag and drop of mails results in an error message in the protocol window, and nothing happens).

From where do you exactly drag the messages? E.g. from the inbox of a IMAP/POP3/Exchange/Gmail etc. account? Or just start a support ticket via Help > Report Bug (press the Alt modifier key first) and we’ll have a look at the logs.

yes, from the inbox of a GMAIL account in Apple Mail (MacOS 10.14.4).
Drag and drop to the inbox of DT3beta1

If I go to “Help > (ALT) Fehler melden” Apple Mail opens, but nothing happens.

The DT3 “Erweiterungen” Menu shows me, that Apple Mail PLugin is installed.

Just tried this and works as expected.

In case of IMAP accounts Apple Mail’s scripting is unfortunately unreliable and AppleScript is necessary to create the email and attach the files. However, sending us the file ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Console.log should be sufficient in this case.

Thank you for analyzing my log file.
Problem solved, after activating/checking “Apple Mail” in MacOS>Preferences>Automatation>Devonthink > AppleMail