Apple Mail plugin

when trying the apple mail plugin for DT3 3.8.2 on Monterey i found some hard to grasp circumstances:

  • the install status shows not installed after a restart, which triggered me to follow manual steps described in tips to delete and reinstall, it then was shown as installed but after the next restart it showed you might install again, but in fact it was still installed.

  • when intending to install, the message ‘end it for me’ when tryin to install the apple mail plugin nothing happened, mail stayed open

  • i would have expected in the log if something does not work with the install, but i did find no entry about the plugin installation.

  • when using coincidentally add to devonthink on mailbox there was no progess indicator, also not for a single mail… i was expecting that the apple mail plugin was not working only to find later, that my whole mailbox was added to global inbox… some kind of confirmation / progress indicator would be nice…

Kind regards

Btw. this is similar for the PDF Services as you can see in the screenshot. It is in the Library Folder but not indicated as installed. DT3 has full disk access in my case.

For that progress of Mail’s work I turn on the Activity Window. See the Window menu.

This is a known glitch of this panel on certain Monterey versions, the next release will fix this. Did you enable the plug-in in Mail’s preferences?

yes. and as indicated added my whole mailbox to DT by accident

thanks for the fast response

the activity window did not show anything when opened and added three mails into DT?

The Activity window/pane is usually only shown in case of larger processes. Was anything logged to the Log panel?