Apple Mail Rule | Inbox hassles - what am I missing?

Hello all,

A bit confuzzled this side.

Have a rule setup in Mail. When an item comes in with the subject line starting with “DTPO Inbox:–”, the rule kicks in.

It was working as expected, up and till a few weeks back. I vaguely recall there being a minor update somewhere recently, which I installed - maybe that did something?

Regardless - checked rule was still active - even selected a different option, and asked that it be applied retrospectively, as per below:

Mail Rule.png

Nothing happened. Same amount in the inbox, as there was before - still from when it was still working, that had not yet been sorted by me. So I decided to select the new mails, and then - under Message - “Add to Devonthink Pro Office”. I selected the Inbox as the destination.

As one can now see below, 26 “new” items are indicated - but regardless of where I click in the adjacent ‘groups’, they are nowhere to be found? What gives? What am I missing?

Inbox at 15.51.34.png

Ok… Something funny must have happened somewhere…

And - this keeps catching me out… :blush:

3 Panes view as below:

Since I always only use 3-Pane view, I completely forget to check the alternative views.
When I do, I find the following…

Split view, shows as below:

Note - the “missing” emails do not appear to have been placed inside the DTPO Inbox rule folder? I seem to remember that this is what is supposed to happen - that the mails get placed inside a folder with the same name as the Mail rule, inside the Global Inbox? Has this changed?

As Column view:

Column view.png

Without making this more pedantic than it already is – why would I not see the emails in 3 Panes view, but in the others? What underlying functionality would prevent that - since if I can maybe get to understand that, I might better utilise the different view options, something that clearly I should be paying more attention to… :wink: