Apple Mail

I’m currently “discovering” all of the features of DevonThink Pro (2.0.3) from “Take Control of Getting Started with DevonThink 2.0”. I am trying to use the Apple Mail feature but my Help->Install Add-ons does not list a unique Apple Mail Plugin.

I have checked the following: Applications Scripts, Devonthink Pro Scripts, PDF Services Scripts, Devonthink Sorter Helper. The item
'Global Inbox in Save Dialogs" won’t retain the check mark.

I do not see any command link to DevonThink in Mail (Services, Message menu). I was able to drag the email to the Sorter box as I would do with any document.

I Quit Apple mail and again initiated Install Add-ons; I did not notice any change in the Mail menus.

Is there some operation I’m omitting?

The Mail plug-in is part of the DEVONthink Pro Office version.

Thank you. That would explain it!

Can you tell me why I the check is not retained for “Global Inbox in Save Dialogs”?

Once the Global Inbox in Save Dialogs has been checked and installed, it stays installed. It is not checked when you re-run the add-on installer because DEVONthink will not attempt to install it again.

Off-topic, but since it came up …

I still think the Install Add-ons dialog has room for improvement, e.g. it doesn’t indicate all current (un)installed states clearly enough.

When it’s opened certain items, e.g. “PDF Services Scripts”, are unconditionally checked regardless of whether or not the installation has previously occurred. Other items, e.g. “ABBYY FineReader OCR” will be unchecked if the installation has previously occurred and is up-to-date, but checked if it’s uninstalled or out-of-date (with no indication of which it is, which causing uncertainly when unchecking it, i.e. is it remaining fully uninstalled or will an out-of-date version remain installed?).