Apple-opt-drag for cross-links


This doesn’t work for me. When I command-opt-drag a file onto a rich text, the contents of the file is duplicated there instead of a cross-link being inserted. Hmm.

I read Alb’s post below about empty lines and that doesn’t work for me. What stupid thing am I doing wrong?

Perhaps this feature is Tiger only? (I’m on 10.3.9)



Command-Option drag/drop of a selected document or group into a rich text document window does work for me. But then, I’m running OS X 10.4.2 with DT Pro 1.0.2.

The technique is to have an open rich text document, open another window containing the desired group or document, select a group or document in the second window, press Command-Option and drag the selected item to the desired cursor position in the rich text document text window.

This is a powerful feature with many uses. One example: Create a hyperlink-organized “document” like the DT Pro Tutorial database, which could then be easily exported as a Web site. Cross-links could already be established using the ‘make link’ feature, available as a contextual menu option, but this is the ‘drag & drop’ version of that feature, which many users will like.

Write an article or book divided into chapters and/or sections, create a table of contents document containing links to the components. Select the table of contents document, then select File > Export > as Website and save the result to a target folder. Presto! You can publish on the Web, a CD or DVD. Or, if you set up a proper organization you can “publish” an operational database like the Tutorial database, for other DT Pro users.

Tip: Once the blue hyperlink name of a document or group has been placed into your rich text document, you can select that text string and change it to another text string. Example: Drag & drop a document titled “Bibliography of non-fiction by Aldous Huxley” into your rich text document. Select the link string and change it to “Non-fiction by Aldous Huxley”. The link still works.

The documentation doesn’t specify that this is a Tiger-only feature, and I can’t check that as I’m running Tiger. Any other Panther users out there who can verify that it doesn’t work for them? As time passes, more and more neat features will require an upgrade to Tiger.

I’m also running 10.4.2. What I do is the following:
1 type any letter at the beginning of the line where you want the cross link to appear
2 cmd-opt-drag the document on that line
3 delete the letter typed at step 1

It works for me, hope this helps.


Sometimes this works. Most of the time I get this message in the log file:
“DEVONthink Pro[706] performDragOperation: (TextView):
*** -[NSConcreteTextStorage attributesAtIndex:effectiveRange:]: Range or index out of bounds”
So I gave up and use the old way.


Which OS version are you using? I don’t get log message or errors when using this procedure with DT Pro 1.0.2 and OS X 10.4.2.

Bill, I’m using 10.4.2 too and DT Pro 1.0.2.
Just tried again … same message. Strange. BTW, I don’t use any of these “haxies”.
But I can live with it, Wiki-Links rulez!

Thanks f’your advice, y’all.

Still doesn’t work for me. Pro 1.0.2 and X 10.3.9. No haxies, whatever they are. When command-opt-dragging, I get the curly alias arrow in the corner of the icon, but then when I drop it reproduces the entire text of the content I was dragging. Can’t find any log messages - I might be looking in the wrong place, I’m not really a techy type, it’s in Console, right?

Like Jonas said, it’s no big deal - just that that attitude of “ah well, can’t get it to work, I’ll just use the long method” is a bit too Windows-think for me.

Thanks again


It will work when you move up to Tiger. :slight_smile: