Apple pages keeps crashing

Now I don’t really know if it’s pages or devonthink but I only use pages through Devonthink. I’m using Snow Leopard. It goes along fine then if I leave the documents open for too long it {pages} freezes up and crashes. In fact the freeze is so bad I can’t force quit and I have to turn off the mains several times before the computer will boot up again.

Obviously the biggest problem is that pages doesn’t auto recover. But this morning the same thing happened, at least I had been meticulously saving docs. But one other thing I noticed that when I saved as a word doc for one particular document when I went to open it this morning there was nothing there. I’m going to be using word again today as I have a deadline and can’t afford to lose any more documents!

Like I said it may be pages it may be my computer and I’m really hoping that its not devonthink posting.php?mode=post&f=3&sid=285278df35cbdfd2c38df983264237b0# Does anyone have any answers?

As DEVONthink is just an application but not a hack, it can’t crash other applications. But I wonder if there’s an issue with your computer? See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12881&p=60506#p60506

Has been anything logged to the system console right before the crash (see /Applications/Utilities/ Could you send the crash logs of Pages to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!

Any update on this situation?

What situation? From almost 4.5 years ago? Are you having a similar issue?