Apple pencil and background lines

When I use the line or grid templates with the Apple Pencil, the position of the handwritten text and the lines in the background are different by zooming in and out.
So the result of a whole page with handwritten notes is not very presentable. Can anyone confirm?
If I use a lined or grided PDF created by myself the problem does not appear. But I am not so happy with this workaround.

If I use a lined or grided PDF created by myself the problem

Can you clarify how you’re accomplishing this?

It‘s an exported PDF from Adobe Illustrator
A4 karriert.pdf (276.5 KB)

Thanks. We’ll check it out.

indeed, I‘m able to reproduce this.

Same thing happens here when writing a fresh PDF on DTTG. Template → Grid. Zooming affects differently the handwritten note and the grid lines

PSPDFKit appears to dynamically draw the background relative to the zoom level, i.e., the lines aren’t really there. They’re Postscript code displaying the lines.

This behavior is also seen in their PDF Viewer application on macOS…

@eboehnisch could comment but I believe this would have to be addressed by those folks.

If PDF Viewer shows the same effect, then it’s in deed something the PDFKit people would need to address.