apple pencil problems

Hi folks, I am working on os x version 10.11.6 and the latest version of dttg on a ipad 12.9 inch.
I seem to have intermittent apple pencil problems while editing pdfs using the apple pencil on dttg. I get skipping, or the pencil strokes being deleted immediately after writing them, almost as if there are “no-write” zones on the pdf. Very frustrating. I have had work sessions where all seems well, so I don’t know if it is certain pdf files that cause the problems, maybe dttg receives updates in between…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am having the same problems. I just started using DEVONThink today so assumed I was doing something wrong. I have also noticed that when I use the pencil to highlight something or otherwise ‘swipe right’ with the pencil it opens up the left column window in DEVONThink.

I’ve really been enjoying this iOS version of DEVONThink. It’s a perfect fit for the task at hand. Just thought I’d update the thread with more observations after a couple of days of using the program.

I think the “swipe right” program as described in this thread is still a problem DTTG PDF editing: already great, but a small bug

Like the previous poster, when in portrait mode a straight horizontal line is often mistaken for an attempt to open the right side drawer.

Additionally, I continue to experience problems with the pencil not registering. It typically seems to involve horizontal lines drawn from right-to-left.

Otherwise, outstanding program! :smiley:

I’ve had this problem for a while. I’ve gotten to the point where I use the Apple Pencil and another app to markup, annotate, draw on a PDF and then return it to DTTG and DTP. Not ideal. Kind of annoying. Another step. But DTP and DTTG are outstanding in so many other ways I’m willing to use a fairly simple workaround.

Thanks for posting your suggestion and glad to hear you’ve found a workaround. I’ve been trying to use PDF Expert as the markup tool, but I’m finding that the changes aren’t reflected in DTTG. I’m using the method described in this post but haven’t been able to get it working yet: Help with DTTG and PDF Expert

How are you moving files back and forth from DTTG to/from the editing software and what editing software are you using?

DTTG does not usually show an obvious distinction between a page and the area around a page for PDFs. So, using the Pencil, there are regions of the display that are “off-page” and will not accept ink. It is also possible to drag the pencil “off-page” and the line suddenly travels up or down vertically. Causes the “whoa, what happened” reaction.

Most other apps show a darker grey or other color indicating the region around a page.

I find this aspect of DTTG’s PDF experience a bit disconcerting, whether or not I’m using the pencil. I hope they’ll consider adding a distinct “background”, if only to make using the pencil a bit less unpredictable!

(Hi Korm!)

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That would be no problem given that nobody wants an extra option for choosing the color :wink: Light grey maybe?

:wink: Would be consistent with most apps that do this sort of thing.

Yup, the three ways I tend to view PDFs (DTPO, PDF Expert, Preview) all use a grey colour which has never bothered me! :slight_smile:

Ahh! It’s not just me then. Thought I’d found the perfect way to manage my review process and not have stray documents everywhere but no - is there any sign of a fix - frustrated I paid for premium now.

Wlecome @mattsmallman

This should be addressed in a future release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Any update on this fix or are you waiting for iOS14 engine? Trying to review lots of documents and constantly rubbing out random lines.

We are not waiting on the iOS14 engine, but we are also working on several things in DEVONthink To Go at this time.

Awesome - Can’t wait.