Apple’s best new feature: Live Text

I haven’t found any posts about this.

With iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, Apple will be releasing their own, system wide, on device OCR: Live Text. It works on images and handwritten text, and all data is indexed for search through Spotlight.

Is it possible it could implemented in third-party apps like DEVONthink? Searching for text within images e handwritten text inside DEVONthink would be a neat feature to have.

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Maybe something like the IOS version of Word where you can scan one or more pages and it OCRs that text into a (in this case, a Word) document?

We can’t say yes at this point and even if so, it would be unlikely to be in DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go at the release of the OS updates.

It is something to look at though.

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That is in fact one feature that will help me ditch Evernote faster if integrated in some way - even manually - with Devonthink.

I wonder if it’s possible to add the text highlighted in notes app or preview as a text layer on a PDF and then import it. Doesn’t seem possible however

What would be the advantage over using the OCR integrated in DT and DTTG?

Live Text seems to be way better at recognising text. It is even able to recognise my handwriting which DT can’t.

Thanks; are you comparing LT to DT, DTTG or both? DT actually recognised my handwriting recently- which is impressive, seeing as I can’t read it half the time…

Comparing LT to just DT. How did you scan your handwriting in and would you say it is particularly neat? I scanned in using my phone and my handwriting isn’t too neat which may not be good enough for OCR to pick it up.

I had handwritten notes on a sheet of printed text. Scanned that to DT and was searching for a term which I had coincidentally handwritten on that sheet, and was quite surprised to find it highlighted. I suspect success would not be universal though, and I would describe my handwriting as somewhere between atrocious and encrypted.