Apple-shift-) problem.

This is a very tiny feature request. I have no idea how it would be implemented, or even whether it’s possible - but it seems so small…

When I capture a web-page with apple-shift-), DT also captures the address. Excellent! When referring back we need to know the source of a item, and I’ve been using DT long enough to remember the bad old days when we had to cut-and-paste the address…

The problem is that I never capture the raw page, but the printable version. Nearly all magazines and wikis have this version as a link from the raw page, and it gets rid of superfluous layout and colour and pictures and links and makes the text free-flowing and all-in-all so much better for storing within DT. But then when I use apple-shift-) the wrong web-address is loaded into DT… And typically magazines don’t have any back-link from the printed version to the raw version…

What can be done? Is there any possible solution? It’s only a tiny problem, but it’s irritating.

BTW - I don’t often post here, so I should take this opportunity to say to Devon - still using it every day, still very happy with it.

The system I’ve worked with most is MediaWiki, and they just use a separate stylesheet and I believe that’s handled automatically when you print.

Everything else I’ve seen is completely different, with a specific link somewhere on the page to a different URL, which of course isn’t uniform in any way.

I don’t think it’s possible.

For instance, look at … 674064.stm. That’s basically just prepending a string to the web address, but as you can see it’s going to be different for every single website.

It’d be possible to write an AppleScript, where you plugged in regular expressions to replace the original URL with the URL of the printable version, but I can’t imagine how you could alter the DTP service without introducing a large amount of complexity into every aspect of the app :-/

Not sure what you mean by “wrong web-address”. Here’s the way it’s been wrong for me:

If I capture text from Safari using the Command-) shortcut for the Take Rich Note service then the URL for the document saved in DT is the same as its corresponding page in Safari. Doesn’t matter if it’s a printable page or not. However… sometimes Command-) gets the URL from the wrong Safari page, mostly the first time its used. Recapturing the same text gets the correct URL. Pretty sure I reported that a few years ago though it’s been awhile since I’ve checked if some later version of DT and/or Safari fixed it.

Maybe you meant that you want to capture text from the printed version of a page but have DT store the URL for the raw version? I think that’s how kalisphoenix interpreted your problem and his response about the difficulty or impossibility of doing that seems correct to me.

I have no idea what I was thinking. My response doesn’t make sense to me anymore :slight_smile: