Apple Silicon issues with Devon & Scansnap?

I recently replaced an Intel iMac with a new Apple Silicon Mac Mini. Devon Think and associated apps & plugins were restored from Time Machine backup from the old Mac to the new Mac.

After registering the serial # of DevonThink3 Pro it seems to be working, I do notice a couple of issues though.

When I scan with the Fuji ScanSnap that has an action to send directly to DevonThink it is working, but there is a pop up occurring that seems to indicate that the connection component is actually not supported by Apple silicon.

A screenshot is attached.

Do I need to install a newer version of some plugin or tool? I am running the latest versions of all the software from Devon & Fujitsu.


Welcome @jmpage2
That’s a Fujitsu question. We don’t (and can’t) control ScanSnap scanners.

And no, there’s no plugin for this.

Mistake on my part. I remember setting up an integration between ScanSnap and Devonthink and thought it was a Devonthink provided piece of software.


There is the Help > Tutorial > Scan with a ScanSnap as a reference for the proper setup.