AppleScript / Automator

I am thinking that I might like to become familiar with how to use AppleScript and Automator. Is it likely to be of much use with DTPO at this point, or did version 2 pretty much add what people previously used workflows to do? If it would be a good idea to learn to create automation scripts, do you have any recommendations of good places to get basic questions answered? Thanks very much!

I started teaching myself both of them a couple of months ago, and I’ve found this website to be a good place to start:

If you’re familiar with coding already, you can also learn a lot just by finding scripts that you like and tinkering with them. Automator has a fairly intuitive interface, but it’s not always obvious what actions can be run through Automator and which one’s can’t.

I don’t use scripting extensively with DT, but I’ve found AppleScript/Automator to be really useful throughout OS X. My biggest hurdle has been slowing down my personal workflow to figure out what routine tasks I can automate or turn into scripts.

~ Mike