AppleScript bug? DT3 3.8.2

On macOS Monterey running on M1, I’m encountering an error on something as simple as the following:

tell application "DEVONthink 3" to activate

This throws an error “DEVONthink 3 got an error: Can’t continue activate.” By contrast, tell application "Finder" to activate does not.

Anyone else noting this?

DT does not even have an activate methode, I think. At least, there’s none to be seen in the scripting dictionary. Which would make it throwing an error when you call that method expected behaviour.
Edit I was obviously (or not so obviously) wrong: activate is a command (not a method, as I assumed). Thanks for pointing that out, @pete31

It’s an AppleScript command that works for all applications that support AppleScript.

tell application id "DNtp" to activate works fine over here on 12.2.1.

Works fine in Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur too.

I’d quit and relaunch Script Editor.
If that doesn’t resolve it, reboot the machine.

Thanks all. Oddly enough restarting Script Debugger didn’t solve the problem; and running the activate script directly through osascript still caused the error. But a reboot did the trick.

Glad to hear the reboot was effective. We advocate rebooting devices at least once a week.