Applescript Implementation for RSS Actions

I see that RSS feeds can have an associated “script” in the info panel, but am not sure what is possible here, as (it appears) that RSS actions are not implemented in the script dictionary for DT. Typical use case: In NNW, I have used scripts in the past that calculate the odds that there are new feed items based on the creation dates of items in the current RSS feed, then ONLY goes out to refresh the feed if the odds are high that there are new items… This saves a lot of network activity (and slow down) for those of us with lots of feeds, etc…

Attached scripts are “triggered” by viewing the record, e.g. opening the document/group/feed/smart group in its own window or by selecting the group/feed/smart group in column, split, 3-pane or tags view. A simple example (“Synchronize.scpt”) is part of the downloaded disk image and can be used to synchronize indexed folders.

However, refreshing feeds via AppleScript isn’t possible (yet).

I was confused by this, as I believe the synchro script is included within the scripts/feeds folder on the install, yet it has no application for RSS feeds…

Christian cited the “Synchronization” script as an example of an attached, triggered script, and didn’t imply that it’s relevant to RSS feeds.

Thanks Bill, maybe I caught you on a bad night. Point I was trying to make was, at least for my install, the synchronize script is located in the provided scripts/feeds folder. Mail scripts are located in the scripts/mail folder, scripts that manipulate images are located in the scripts/images folder, etc… hence my confusion, it doesn’t seem that unreasonable.

Are you still using v1.x? There’s no synchronize script in the Scripts > Feeds menu in v2 (as feeds don’t require scripting anymore) but there was one in v1.x.

Perhaps my scripts are out of date from v1, I’ll download them again, thanks.

By default there are no scripts of version 1.x in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts as version 2 is using a different folder. Just delete this folder and launch the application again, this will reinstall the default scripts.