Applescript "Mail Rule Action Import"

I have been investigating DT pro (trial version) for a couple of days and would like now test some Applescripts shipped with. At this time, I am especially interested in using “Mail Rule Action Import” but I have not yet succeeded in making it work.

  1. The script is listed in the DT menu bar (means that it is located in the correct folder Library / App Support / DT / …) but when selecting it, nothing happends.
  2. I read the DT Help and noticed that some scripts are called “triggered” (meaning that they have to be assigned to a specific Group). I did it but still nothing.
  3. I tried an other way round: I select a Group, I selct an email in MAIL app and I select the script. Again nothing.
    I am not really experienced with Applescripts and also a bit akward but I thought that at least, by selecting the script, it would start and a kind of dialog window would open to drive the processus (e.g. asking for the mail(s) which have to be imported or something like that) but no way. And have not found in DT Help a detailed explanation on how to run an Applescript.
    For sure, I am doing something wrong and still have to learn. I’d be very grateful if some of you, experienced in this area, could support me.

The script can be only executed via Apple Mail, not via DT Pro’s script menu or via the script menu extra of Mac OS X.

Just create a new rule in Mail and then attach this script to the rule. Depending on the rule you’ll be able to automatically import all interesting mails that way.

Thank you for your accurate answer which helped me a lot in finding the right path.
I do appreciate your support.