applescript request: "on pageloaded" for "lin

dear dtpro friends,

I had the idea the other day for a somewhat off-beat scripting addition to dtpro (and perhaps devonagent) that I think would allow for a whole lot of really neat applescripts. I call them “on pageloaded” and “on page requested”: it would work like this: one could create the kind of link documents devonthink allows for now. These would naturally point to a particular url just as they do now. But one could then attach particular scripts to these links–scripts that would be called either whenever a new page is requested or when one is completed loading. The script might do very little, such as place a “history” breadcrumb link in a folder inside the current group. Or it might do quite a bit, such as, for example extract a headline or stock quote or image from the webpage once loaded. Or it might do something in-between, such as submit a post or pasword form and then find the “go to what I originally requested” type link for the user. The idea is to have a regular web-browser with a bit of scripting attached to it that can be called at page request/page complete time that would allow some nifty customization to dtpro without building a huge apparatus of menu commands. I would be really, really excited by this, as I could have a custom script tagged to different webrowsers–and I could see it working really nicely with dtpro’s database facilities. Imagine a google search on sterroids that would give one the regular google home page, but download all of the first page results into a dt sheet with links. Or imagine a “webarchive” browser that saved all pages visited as webarchives and automatically filed them using dtpro’s ai technology…

what do you all think? I think it would be a huge payoff for two (I think) fairly simple additions to the expansive scripting dictionary of dtpro.