AppleScript snippet to close Search Window?

Hey, all,

I’m running a scheduled search that activates the script “Convert Results to RSS Feed”. I’d like to append a snippet to that script to have the Search Window automatically close following the export (without the app quitting).

I’m a relative noobie to AppleScript - it’s easy enough to make a standalone script to close the active DA window…but I haven’t been able to get anything added to the “Convert Results” script to work.



I’m not sure if it’s possible but at least I wouldn’t recommend this. However, we’ll add such an option to the actions of search sets.

OK - glad to hear there’s an update in the works (seeing as how there’s not much going on with DT these days :laughing: )

As I’m using DA a fair amount just now, I’ll see if I can’t add anything helpful in the Requests & Suggestions forum…