AppleScript support

Well, this is a post mostly to test the Forum software  ;D but one thing I would like to see is more support for AppleScript. I would for example like to be able to export messages from my mail program and put them into various groups using AppleScripts.

Succesful test  :) Well, the Standard Edition will include an enhanced AppleScript support (providing the possibility to script everything DEVONthink is able to do)

At http// look for mailscripts. You can export your messages to plaintext or mbox. Might take some time depending on your number of messages.
Plaintext you can import in devonthink afterwards.

Thanks for the suggestion … but I’m not using Mail :wink:

I’m using Mailsmith ( for scripts with Mailsmith see my web pages at ) and I could of course go the way over a text files but that’s akward.