Applescript to Append to Existing Note

As I’m reading over the course of the week, I like to keep a list of quotations that I can then sort through during my weekly review and organize into other topic-specific notes in DT. In an attempt to automate that process, I created an AppleScript that allows me to add whatever is in my clipboard to the end of my existing DT note that contains quotations. However, it only works if the quotations note (i.e., the destination) is a Formatted Text note, not if it’s a Markdown note. I’d like to be able to make it work with Markdown. Is that possible?

Here’s the AppleScript I’m using, in case it’s helpful:

tell application id “DNtp”

set theRecord to get record with uuid “223FDAA1-E2B7-42E2-8AA4-0E025B64B118”

tell text of theRecord

make new paragraph at end with properties {text:return & return & (the clipboard)}

end tell

end tell

I suppose that markdown records do not support the text suite methods. If you spend the clipboard to the plain text property, it should work.

BTW: please post code here between markdown code fences, i.e. like so
That makes it more legible.

Can you clarify what you mean by "spend the clipboard to the plain text property?

(And apologies for formatting the code wrong – as my question suggests, I’m out of my depth even in the kiddie pool of coding.)

Further to @bws950 suggestion about using plain text

tell application id "DNtp"
	set theRecord to get record with uuid "67ED57ED-6AA1-4DC1-BB1C-D8DC1DECEA3C"
	set theText to plain text of theRecord
	set plain text of theRecord to theText & (the clipboard)
end tell

I wanted to write „append“, not „spend“. Apologies.
As to plain text: cf the script posted by @DTLow.

Thanks very much to both of you - this is perfect.