Application damaged or missing

I am getting a message telling me that I cannot open Devon Think Pro because the application is damaged or missing. It’s been working fine. I’m using verson 2 on a MacBook Pro. Never had any trouble before. Does anyone know what I might do to fix this? Thanks.

You may have had a disk directory error that lost or damaged code in the application.

Run Disk Utility > Verify Disk, and repair the disk if an error is found.This might also be a good time to run OS X maintenance using a utility such as C ocktail or OnyX (but be sure to use a version of the maintance utility that’s for the installed version of OS X).

Quit the Sorter, delete the currently instaalled DT application, download a fresh copy and install it.

I also recommend checking the system log (e.g. using the Console app) for disk I/O errors, which usually means the disk has bad disk blocks and is possibly worthwhile to replace before it gets worse.

Thanks for the help. I ran disk utility and have errors on my hard drive. I will try to repair them. Thanks.