Application Error


There was one time when after opening a password protected database (btw, no msg for an incorrect password), at the screen listing all the groups, most buttons were unresponsive and selecting a group would highlight it but not open it. After a few more button presses, ‘Application Error: An error has occurred…’.

crash log included.

DEVONthink To (7.68 KB)

Gary, you might want to post this to the DTech bug tracker help desk site. (Here’s some further help on bug posting.)

Hey korm,

good idea. :slight_smile: Wish the site had a login so it’d be easier to track issues or enter new ones…

With AutoFill enabled (e.g. in Safari) the Email and Ticket# number fields can be autofilled on the Support Ticket System pages, which makes it easier to enter the system to list/view all previous tickets after those fields have been used once. In other words, knowing one Ticket# (and corresponding Email) is enough to get into the system. That’s been my workaround for not having a more direct method of logging in to list/view tickets.

Wooo… Now that I’m home and have performed a sync on my databases, I must say, this app is fantastic. It actually makes my ScanSnap-Scanned paper documents actually look like photographs, almost life-like on the iPad.

Apart from that, I am now seeing this Application Error a lot. It seems to happen when I am in the search function and press the “back” button at top left corner. It’s pauses for a second or two then up pops the Application Error notification and tells me that it must quit (which it does).

Hopefully this game-breaking bug will get crushed on version 1.1 yeah?