Apply colour labels and descriptions to a specific Database?

Hello all,

I presume this is not possible - almost placed this in the Tips/Tricks/Troubleshooting section…

Would really suit my means of working, if I were able to have different Label colours and descriptions, per specific databases.

Or rather - if I had the option of doing that… My Research DB, has different requirements to my Personal or Work or Teaching DB - so being able to set up different colours and descriptions for each or some of them, would be really useful.

Obviously - some jump around between several related DBs - and in those situations, it would be preferable if the label/descriptions held true across all those DBs – but having the option to specify different colours etc. in different DBs, would be a big “nice-to-have”, as opposed to a “have-to-have”…

Anyone else feel the same?

Not sure how easy it would be to do the above - but figured I would put it out there…

+1 for that idea. Multiple projects in discrete subject areas call for multiple colour coding templates which I don’t believe is presently possible in DT?

+1 for that idea.

  • 1 for this idea.
    This request originated nearly 2 years ago, and from what I can see there has been no response from the DT team. Is the topic dead, Ignored or is the feature to be implemented in a future version?

You decide. But remember: Forums are by and large user-to-user, not “I have a right to hear from the devs”.

The ability to actually define the color and give them custom names is really nice. I change my colors to more subtle, subdued settings, and then give them meaningful names, which is helpful when I assign labels and cannot always remember what they mean.

Having this on a per-DB basis sound like a good idea, but: In an environment with multiple DBs open, this is troublesome. While you can define whatever color you want to use for each label, each DB entry is tagged presumably with 3 bits of info defining the flag, corresponding to the 8 choices. If you make a global search for a specific label, or make a smartfolder based on a label, while you might think that you search for “fuchsia”, in reality you only search for labels with bit pattern 101 (say). That means all the different definitions in the different DBs get completely jumbled. Such searches would yield all the different colors from different DBs that have 3 bits set in the same way. This is utterly unuseful, if not outright misleading (for example “red - delete” could be bits 101 in one DB, but the same label 101 in another DB was defined as “blue - do not delete”, you see where I’m going with this).

In my view, labels are simply a visually high-profile, but simplistic, and limited way of tagging some things with a few global, but very generic terms (“to do”, “delete”, “do not delete”, “urgent”). If you start using finer grained descriptions, you might as well use standard groups to do so.

I’ve had DT for two years now, but am still barely breaking the surface - I realize this post is six years old, but has anyone found a relevant solution to Cassady’s problem? That is, being able to create labels specific to each database?

In my Work DB, for example, I’d find it incredibly helpful to have the major categories like ‘invoice’, ‘awaiting response’, ‘translation task’ etc color coded, whereas in my semester DB it’d save me SO MUCH TIME if I could easily color code by ‘paper’, ‘draft’, ‘annotation’, ‘reference’ etc. I understand I can tag them like such, and/or group them into different folders, but that won’t really help re: the visual reference provided by color coding. If they’re all in different folders, I can’t see them all at once together, and if I can’t see everything together (e.g. 'conference presentation 8/20" or “fachdidaktik term paper summer 2020”) might as well not exist.

I don’t necessarily want them connected across databases, e.g. if I use Blue to indicate ‘invoice’ and ‘reference’ in my work & semester databases, respectively, the connection of both via the color Blue literally adds nothing of value for my purposes. I simply just want to use color coding to visually differentiate contents within groups.

What’s wrong with the labels provided by DT?

But you can if you use smart groups.

You mean, like this…

I’m mortified. I knew I needed to explore a lot more of DT’s capabilities but I didn’t realize how badly. Yes, exactly like that. How do I do that?

Select a tag in the Tags group of a database.
Open the Info inspector and set a color in the Color well.

Note: You need Preferences > General > Appearance > Labels set to Modern or Dots.