"Apply Rules" Question

Question about “Apply Rules”

The DT3 manual says this:

Does this mean that if I choose “Apply Rules” then for the selected items both “Search in” and Boolean fields are ignored? Or that only the “Search In” items are ignored?

Let’s use this Smart Rule as an example:

If I select items and choose to Apply this rule, will the rule act if the items selected are not in “Archives”?

Applying rules uses the conditions, therefore only matching items of the selection are used. Dropping items on a smart rule is different, in that case all dropped items are used.

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When you refer to “conditions” I gather you mean the “Search in” conditions but not the “All of the following are true” conditions?

Are the boolean questions (“All of the following are true”) always considered even when Dropping items on a smart rule?

  • Tools > Apply Rules will not operate on non-matching items.

  • Dropping an item on a smart rule will ignore all criteria and targeted groups and apply the actions in the specific rule.

I am modifying the documentation for clarity on the drag and drop procedure.