Applying DTTG: Your Real World Usage Scenarios

How are you integrating DDTG into your workflow?

What is working well? Specific steps you’re taking that produce great, reliable results for you?

Other iPad software that you’re integrating with DTTG?

Thanks for sharing and your stimulating ideas!

This is maybe a bit premature, since I’ve only been playing with the program for a day, but here’s what I’m using so far.

I’m a PhD student so I have about 1500 PDFs in my devonthink database separated into about 50 or 60 different folders. Articles I’ve read are labeled blue, articles I haven’t are labeled red. This is a great set up for research, but reading articles on my screen isn’t that fun. With the iPad I can actually go outside!

Right now my primary way of using DTTG is to use it to find articles that I haven’t read yet, then open, read and highlight them in iAnnotate (though this is a bit confusing, see this thread). In theory I’d love to also be able to take notes in DTTG, but this might not be possible until iOS 4 comes out for the iPad and integrates fast app switching.

having tabs would be really useful. For cleaning up notes and all that we do in trying to write something, tabs are almost essential.

For the work of tons of PDFs and highlighting, maybe Papers would be more helpful?