Applying Rules to RSS Feeds

I want to create a rule that adds a label or takes some action on the content of an RSS feed. If the RSS feed has the word technology or tech in it, I want to highlight that feed item. How can I do this?

I don’t think highlighting is possible. But you could possibly create a smart group collecting all those items.

Create a Smart Rule and set your search scope.

  • Search for Kind is News and e.g. Text contains technology

  • If you want the Smart Rule to trigger when new items arrive use On News.

Note: Editing items inside a feed is not possible you first have to move or duplicate them.

I did not see “Text” though I did see “Content”. Will this accomplish the same thing?

Also, what are the wildcard operators? For example, if I want to find anything with the base word “Tech” and any variation of that, what operator would I use (e.g., *)

Yes, text and content are synonymous.

Wildcards, etc. are covered in the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Search Operators.