Applying Tags on Previously Scanned Documents

Noob here. I have four days coming up where I’ll be pretty much confined to my chair and computer. I thought it a great time to figure out DTPO. Earlier this year I scanned several hundred docs. Most are sitting in a DT inbox. When I scanned them, I was given an opportunity to add tags. Now I want to add or adjust tags (or even view) to those previously scanned document. The intuitive method would be to ctrl-click on the doc and look for a menu like “add tags” but I can’t find such a menu item.

I assume this would be as easy as it seemed to do when scanning the document. Please point me in the right direction! I simply want to type in a few quick tags for each.


Turn on the tag bar (menu View>Show/Hide Tags) or select the document(s) and run the ‘Tags>Add tags to selection’ script from the Script menu.