Appreciation for the new scan function (and one question)

I scanned a bunch of documents this afternoon and the scan function over all seems to work fine for me.

The most pleasant thing is that now also the PDF conversion upon import is done by the Abbyy engine. The formerly used import converter (OS’s PDFkit, IIRC) obstinately used ineffective ZIP compression for my 1bit TIFFs; now finally these are correctly converted with CCITT compression. Very nice.

The new ImageCapture interface seems more coherent and less cluttered than the old one. There is however one thing I don’t understand, or maybe my workflow is wrong:

I scanned 4 pages (as TIFFs). Page 1,2 and 3 belonging to one document, page 4 separate; so while scanning pages 1 to 3 I kept the “Combine into single document” checkbox checked, for the 4th I unchecked it. Then I went to “Scans & Images” and I saw 4 documents, instead of the expected 2. OK, I selected all 4 and clicked on “Send To”. After the conversion I had 4 documents in the InBox: 1 file containing page 4, which is OK, but 3 files with each of them containing pages 1 to 3 (the combined document).

Am I doing something wrong? How am I supposed to combine scans? Should I use the “Add to new document” function after the scan, instead of “Combine” during the scan?

Thank you for the feedback! The option “Combine into single document” isn’t a feature of the new scan function but probably one of the scanner driver. E.g. this option is not available over here. Could you please post a screenshot? And which version of Mac OS X are you using? Thanks in advance!

Yes. Me stupid. Seems to be a generic thing of Image Capture. (Didn’t know because in other apps I always used the native interface.)

OS 10.8

So, I guess “Add to new document” is the way to combine scans.

Thank you.

Thank you for the screenshot! We’ll try to make the scan function compatible to this option.