Appreciation of DT

I have had DT for awhile but only in the last several months have I been using it daily as an integral part of my research/writing work. Lately, almost everyday, I discover a capability that I was not aware of and found to be very useful.

Anyway, this is just a bit of appreciation. The more I use DT the more efficient I become.


Seconded. There’s not much on my Mac I don’t use DT for these days. Kudos to the Devon team - I would also like to add my appreciation for the continuous attention to detail, improvements and patience and good humour with all of us on the forum.


Same. I bought DT to solve a specific problem I had (storing all my notes in one place), and as I’ve got more familiar with the software it’s invaded every part of my life (in a good way!). I now use it for many things I’d never even anticipated wanting to do, and it makes life so much easier! (E.g. I cannot oversell how much better it is to archive all your emails in a dedicated database. The search function far surpasses what your Mail provider can offer, everything is safe and stored locally, and finding that email from a purchase you made 2 years ago is just a 30 second job!)