Arabic Support

I deal with documents in both Arabic and English on a daily basis and while DevonThink Pro Office is a perfect solution for my English documents the lack of integrated Arabic OCR is very problematic for me.

While I understand that ABBYY has yet to implement Arabic on their end, and while I understand DEVONtechnologies already feels the application is expensive enough as it is, it would be helpful to provide a solution to those of us that need support for extra languages. I would suggest either a micro payment scheme for extra language packs to offset the licensing costs, or to provide scripts and a tutorial for automating a workflow that overlays scanned Arabic documents with OCR in another application and then sends them to DEVONthink.

Thank you

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Unfortunately, our licensing agreement with ABBYY doesn’t provide for the “micro payment” to individuals approach.

However, if you use an external OCR application that provides recognition and conversion for Arabic, a Folder Actions script could be applied to the Finder folder into which scanned and OCRed output is saved, that would then Import or Index the added content to an open DEVONthink database. These scripts are provided and are installed by the Help > Instrall Add-ons routine.