Archive as PDF to use on iPad?

If I build an archive of material can I bundle all the contents together as a PDF? I’m looking to be able to view all the contents of the archive as one document on my iPad.

If not a PDF are there any other creative ways to view the archive compactly on the iPad?

There are several possible workarounds:

  1. Add the archived stuff to DEVONthink and use DEVONthink To Go

  2. Add the archived stuff as PDF documents to DEVONthink, merge the added documents and export the merged document and copy it to the iPad

  3. Export PDF reports via File > Export > Report. But you might want to save search results (via File > Save As…) instead of archiving them.

The upcoming third public beta (3.0pb3) will improve PDF reports and support HTML/OPML reports too.

Thanks Christian. This will definitely get me there…