Archive Chinese web as pdf problem

hello, I meet a problem. When I save the Web which has Chinese in it to PDF(one page), i can’t copy and search Chinese words in PDF(one page), but when I save the web as PDF(paginated), i can copy and search Chinese words in PDF. But i really want to search and copy chinese words in PDF(one page). What can I do ?

Welcome @ryenxx
Please provide a URL to test.

Thanks. but i can’t include links in this posts now by “Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”

Can your give me an email address, i will send the url and pdf i saved

Click my avatar and PM me the URL.

i couldn’t pm the link the same reason. sspai[.]com/post/58829, remove the [] , can your open this url?

Yes. And I am also seeing the issue on the single page PDF. It’s unclear what the cause is at this time. We will have to investigate this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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May I know Is there a fix for this issue?

I tried to create a single page pdf from web sites in 3 different Asian languages (just pick a random page from the msn sites below)

MSN - 뉴스, 핫메일, Hotmail, Skype, 아웃룩 메일, 원드라이브 (Korea)
MSN Japan - ニュース, 天気, メール (Outlook, Hotmail), Bing検索, Skype (Japan)
MSN 香港 | 首頁 (Traditional Chinese)

Only the Japanese page can be converted without encoding issue in the single page pdf.