Archive entry editing?

Sometimes when I get search results, the dates that DEVONagent shows (in the Archive and in the browser sidebar) are horribly wrong. Today, for example, I have an article published on October 17, 2014 that came up in the search. DA’s “Date” column, however, reads “10/31/35.”

I have quite a few of these incorrectly dated items in my Archive. Is there a way to edit these entries so I can fix the dates?

The dates are usually returned by either the HTTP server or are part of the HTML metadata. But it’s not possible to edit dates. Could you please post an example URL? In addition, which search set/plugin did you use?

The URL I mentioned (10/31/35): … 830137.php

But others also return strange dates (6/5/23): … -fair.html

Or no dates at all (—): … ray-future

At least 50% of the articles in the Archive (total size about 1500) have very wrong or missing date fields. This is a shame, because sorting by date is quite useful.

I’m using a combination of plugins that search news sites; a few that I added as well as the built-in “news” one.

Thanks for the examples, the next maintenance release will fix this.

Excellent. Thank you!