Archive Filter not doing what I'm expecting

either the archive filter is not working or my expectations of what it does are wrong. I do a search, I add all the results to the archive. I then do the exact same search, specifying that the results be filtered off the archive. What I expect to get are no results returned (unless new pages were added in the last few seconds that meet my search criteria). I expect this because I thought any results that were contained in the archive would be omitted. What I am getting are the exact same pages I have in the archive.

What’s the deal here?

Did you click on the little wheel button, and set the option that says to exclude archive results from your query?


I see no option to select that specifically states “exclude archive results from query”.

I clicked on the Settings ‘wheel button’ and under the Filter section I selected “archived pages”. this is what I thought that selection did.

So if it is working, and I archive an entire set of search results and then immediately re-run the identical search, I would expect to get none of the prior search results displayed.

Hi, haven’t heard from you lately.

I often set up scheduled searches that are run periodically to check for new material relevant to the search topic.

The key settings in the search set to ensure that only new results added after the first run are these:

General: Filter > Archived Pages

Actions: Actions > Archive Results

The relationship of those settings is this: in order for the set to filter (exclude) results that already exist in the Archive, they must have been sent to the Archive in the previous run of the search. Now, only new (not previously archived) items will be displayed.

Hi Bill, appreciate you chiming in here. I hope you’re doing well, it has been a long time.

Re your response, wouldn’t the same effect be achieved without setting the action tab if I’d manually added the results of the first search to the archive via clicking on the ‘add all’ icon? So, in other words, I took these steps in sequence:

structure a query and run it

add all results to the archive

re run the exact same query, selecting Filter/Archived Pages

my expectation here is that none of the pages I just added to the archive would be returned in the second search, but that is clearly not happening. I’m trying to verify that this functionality works as I expect because I want to use it as you’ve advocated in the past. I want to stay current on a given topic by periodically running the query to determine what NEW pages have been created since the last running of the query. But every time I run a query with filtering against archived pages, I’m not seeing a whole lot of filtering taking place.

Works for me. I did an Internet (Fast Scan) for “Flags of Out Fathers”, with General > Filter set to filter out items in the Archive, Similar Pages and Junk.

I manually archived the results.

Waited a while and did a repeat search for the same query. Got 5 new items, and only those were displayed in the repeat (slightly delayed) search.

I did close and reopen the search set between searches, although I don’t know that that should make a difference.