Archive filter

When I check the Archive filter box when putting together a search agent, does that mean that the entire archive is checked? Often I do multiple searches on the same topic and I am sure that there will be many times when a relevant page already exists in the archive. Unless, there is a way to limit the filter to a particular archive, I guess that means I should search the archive first before running a new search to see if there are already relevant pages there. Am I missing something?

If the Archive filter option is checked, DEVONagent will not display items already contained in the Archive. That’s especially useful when one is running scheduled searches and only wants to see new items. (In the Actions tab also check the option to only display new pages, for a scheduled search.)

I don’t think I was clear. Here is my problem. Suppose I have an archive caled Topic 1 and I want to do a new search on Topic 2. If the two topics are related, there will already be pages of interest in Archive 1 when I do the first search on Topic 2. If I want those same pages in Archive 2, I can of course uncheck the archive filter for the first search, but what happens when I update Topic 1? The next time I update Topic 2 if I uncheck the archive filter, I will get duplicate pages. If I check it, then I may miss relevant pages that are already in Archive 1.

The problem here is that there is no way to modify the archive filter to check only certain archives. This is fine if the archives are totally unrelated, but gets very ocnfusing if they have overlapping pages. Ideally, there should be a way to update a particular archive and filter only for pages stored ONLY in that archive.

The only way around thisproblem that I can see is to keep the archives stored in some other diretory and bring them back to DA only when needed or when updating. Hope this is not too confusing.

That’s true. There’s currently no way to specify only a specific folder in the Archive. Your workaround would work, however.

I see now my solution won’t work because the pages are stored in one folder with a database which seems to contain the the DA archive folder structure. I am not sure of how to solve this problem of archives with related material.

I may be confusing because I am not using the correct terminology. What I want to be able to do is run a search and apply an archive filter that is limited to either a single group or set of groups in the archive rather than the whole archive.

As it is, I can only think of one way to do this which would be to backup the archive folder, delete all but the group I want to filter against, run the search, and then restore the old folder. Would that work?

Yes. You can make a copy of the Archive, so you can have different versions of it. Just don’t install two or more copies at the same time. :slight_smile: